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High Rent Lemon Girl Party

Join us for our Annual High Rent Lemon Girl Party!  In addition to adding this favorite on tap and in cans, we are taking the day to highlight some of Cleveland’s local artists. It wouldn’t be a true  party without live music by the man who our beer is named after… the name  High Rent Lemon Girl comes from an original tune by local legendary blues artist, Austin’ Walkin Cane.

Live Music by Austin Walkin’ Cane | 1:00pm

High Rent Lemon Girl:

A Belgian-style White Ale with a different twist. High Rent Lemon Girl is named after an original tune by local, legendary blues artist Austin Walkin’ Cane. Much like when Austin sings a tune, we took inspiration from the standard style and gave it our own, unique spin. Adding Grains of Paradise, Lemon Grass and bushels of Lemon Zest, our version of the classic style is prefect for listening to local jams on the patio! Support your local brewery- Support your local music scene

As for the can graphics, this awesome label was designed by local artist, Hayes Chambers. You can see more work at @gilwing.