To all of our valued customers,

We at Collision Bend Brewing Company are proud have made a commitment to producing high quality beers from day one.  We have also committed to backing up that quality promise by following best practice and putting together our own little “micro-lab”  which exceeds by far what you will find in most breweries of our size.

As part of our quality control efforts, we have chosen to have a “Best By” date printed on the bottom of our cans so that everyone can enjoy our beer when it is at its best.  That being said, we want to inform everyone that there was an error with the date coding of a recent canning run of our C-Town IPA.  Please rest assured that the quality of this batch holds up to our standards and that the problem lies only in the date code located on the bottom of the cans.  Our C-Town IPA is given a Best By date of 3 months after the day it is packaged.  The batch in question was canned on November 19 and should have  best by date of 02/19/2020.  The cans actually have a printed date of 12/19/2019.

We are in the process of informing the stores that purchased beer from this run of the issue and are placing correction stickers with the proper date onto each 6 pack.  This will take us a few days so we want every to know that, if they have already purchased a six pack and have concerns with the date, the beer is indeed fresh and well within it’s given shelf life.  Further, we wanted everyone to know that the stickers are actually from the brewery and are in line with our freshness dating system.

Please feel free to contact me personally with any questions or concerns regarding this matter at lukepurcell@collisionbendbrewery.com.

Have A Safe And Happy Holiday Season!!

Your Brewmaster,

Luke Purcell