A Note from our Brewers:

Well, ready or not, Autumn has arrived! There are less and less patio days to be enjoyed, but we’ll be ready when the suns sneaks out even if it’s just for a couple of hours. We’ll break out some tables and enjoy it, because that’s Cleveland! While we’re at it, we’ll be serving up some great fall options from the brewery. After some delays due to can supply (the nationwide Candemic!), our 8 Crazy Nights Winter Ale is finally canned up and ready to go. Catch it in 6-packs to go from the pub or your local retailer. It’s also on draft at the pub and will be popping up around town at some of your favorite pubs. This year’s batch features a new partnership for us. We are using locally sourced cider from the folks at Quarry Hill Orchards. We are also very excited to announce that we will be making our first batch of Collision Bend Hard Cider with a specially selected blend from Quarry Hill as well. We’ll get that started In mid-November and it should be on tap for the holiday season!

One of our favorites, Bollard Pull Porter, is set to make its return as well. We made an early batch for draft at the pub, which will be on soon and we’ll be brewing up another for canning at the beginning of 2021! Sounds like the start of a better year already!! We’ll also be doing a couple of small batch spice beers just for fall. Our Three Ships Christmas Stout will feature Cinnamon and Ginger this time around, and we are working on an Apple Pie Amber to help warm up these fall evenings. Ben brewed up a brand new Saison-style ale, Saison De Autumne. Dry and Crisp, like a clear October Dawn! To keep the balance, we’ll have a host of IPA’s going as well. We’ve extended the season for our Square One Session, and we will be canning fresh batches of that along with our C-Town IPA. Our Hazy on the Details and Big Double IPA are both on tap and tasting great for all the hopheads out there! So, whatever your beer passion, come on down and enjoy a few this fall and winter. We’ll do our best to get that sunshine to come out for you!

Luke and Ben