A Note from our Brewers:

Sometimes, being a brewer makes one feel like they’re living a couple of months ahead of everyone else. While everyone is trying their best to enjoy every last bit of summer that they can, brewers are preparing batches of beer to help warm you up when the cold weather is upon us. The sweet caramel-like aromas of our Oktoberfest Lager, aptly named Riverfest with fond memories of good times in the Flats, filled the air a few weeks ago, signaling the end of summer brewing for us brewers. That beer is ready to go for you all to enjoy!

A few short weeks later, the aromas have turned even sweeter, with a little spice for good measure. That’s right! We’re starting our first brews of our popular Winter Ale, 8 Crazy Nights! Cinnamon, Apples and Honey are the stars of this show. Admittedly, it’s a bit disappointing when you get to work and think that your coworkers are about to surprise you with a freshly baked apple pie, only to realize that is the liquid in the kettle that will soon be gracing our taps. I guess this is a time for taking the good with the bad. The end of a crazy summer is near, but here at Collision Bend and at breweries all over town, brewers are working hard to give us all something to look forward to! So, go ahead and squeeze out every last drop of Summer that you can. Enjoy some Lake Erie Sunset on the patio. Us brewers will make sure everything is ready for you!

Happy Hol….Just kidding!

Luke and Ben

New Beers on Tap:

Crude Attitude

Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
10.1% ABV 57 IBU

Notes of coffee, vanilla and oak, aged in Cleveland Whiskey Barrels for 9 months.


Marzen Style Oktoberfest
5.2% ABV 22 IBU

This beer is named for the Cleveland Flats festival which took place in the area in the late 80’s and 90’s …. We’re continuing the party on the river with our version of RIVERFEST! Riverfest is a Marzen-style Oktoberfest where deep malt flavors dominate in this smooth, copper colored lager.

Crooked Little Heart

7.3% ABV 64 IBU

This west coast IPA is brewed with a blend of Loral, Mosaic, Simcoe, Sabro and Glacier hops for a citrusy, fruity and earthy flavor with a clean, dry finish.

Collision Bender

Raspberry Seltzer
5% ABV

The perfect blend of seltzer, a clean alcohol base and just the right amount of raspberry flavor for a refreshing summer drink, best enjoyed on the CB patio! Next flavor on the list: Watermelon!

On Deck:

Lake Erie Sunset

Wheat Beer – American Pale Wheat
5.6% ABV | 15 IBU

Light American wheat beer infused with blood oranges and finishes dry and tart.

Czech It  Down

Pilsner- Czech
4.7% ABV  |  34 IBU

Dry hopped czech style pilsner.


IPA- American
6.7% ABV  |  68 IBU

Named for our beautiful city, C-Town is a slightly bitter yet citrusy American IPA that displays a great balance of malt and hops.