2nd Annual Ten Cent Beer Night Re-Lived at Collision Bend Brewery

To commemorate the 49th anniversary of what has become known as TEN CENT BEER NIGHT, we will be selling any Collision Bend Beer (under 7%ABV)  for ten cents a glass for 49 minutes on June 4, 2022.

The ten-cent special will start at 2:00 pm and end at 2:48 pm with a limit of two 12 ounce beers per customer.

We initially thought that this could be our worst idea ever, but after giving it some thought, we figured we could use this as the perfect opportunity to bring back the idea of TEN CENT BEER NIGHT as a nod towards Cleveland baseball and celebrate how far we have come.

June 4, 1974 is a day that will live on in Cleveland sports history. In an effort to attract fans to the Cleveland Municipal Stadium, the Cleveland Indians decided to sell beer for ten cents a cup. The limit was six beers per customer.

The original promotion was staged successfully three years before in 1971 and the price per beer then was just a nickel. That was not the case in 1974 when 25,000 fans showed up for the game against the Texas Rangers, many ending up in a fighting mood on the field.

The story generated national news coverage, much of which will be replayed all day long

We are excited to offer this special to commemorate Cleveland history, but we are doing so in a safe and responsible way. To ensure that specific events from the game are not repeated, we will be limiting our featured ten cent beers to two 12 oz. pours per person. Let’s use this time to celebrate Cleveland Baseball and share memories of the day, over a cold refreshing beer!

While we look forward to reliving an epic TEN CENT BEER NIGHT, we have all seen how terribly things can go with one too many ten cent beers. Please note, this will not be a bench clearing brawl… there will be no bottle throwing, no chair tossing, and no fists flying. Let’s leave that to the replays on the television. Please drink responsibly and leave your fighting pants at home.